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KARLOVY VARY - "Czech Deauville" World famous for its regenerative waters, Karlovy Vary is the oldest of the Bohemian spas, and probably the second most popular tourist city in the Czech Republic, after Prague. It's also the most beautiful of the 'big three' spas in the republic and, despite the crowds, the most accessible. Though you can't just pop in for a sulphurous bath or gas-inhalation therapy, you can sample the waters till your teeth float. There are 12 hot springs containing 40 chemical elements that are used to medically treat diseases of the digestive tract and metabolic disorders, so whether you have diarrhoea or constipation, this is the place to come. In spite of its purging qualities, Karlovy Vary still manages a definite Victorian air. The elegant colonnades and boulevards complement the many peaceful walks in the surrounding parks, and the picturesque river valley winds between wooded hills. The spa offers all the facilities of a medium-sized town without the bother; after hustling arou! And Prague, this is a nice place to relax amidst charming scenery.

Karlovy Vary was founded around the year 1350 by the Czech king and the Roman Emperor Charles IV. The clients from more than 80 countries of the world visit the town every year. The hot curative springs with the temperature from 42 degree Celsius till 72 degree Celsius are used for the drinking cure, for the baths and the irritations. The spa physicians treat every client individually. The spa guests can combine your stay with the gastronomic experiences, with the music or sport, there is the possibility of the trips to the over 2200 ha of spa woods on foot or by the funicular. There is a beautiful horseracing course since 1899, a golf course with 18 holes, several tennis courts, several billiards, squash and other sport facilities.


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Other Facilities 

Several shops, supermarkets, post office, cinema, banks, exchanges, bus-stops, restaurants, swimming pools, spas in very short distance from all apartments.
3 golf resorts in a distance of 5km, tennis resorts
thermal pool and spa-centre 5 minutes walk distace (Hotel Thermal, Lázně V)